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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A word on bridge material...

What the post title is referring to is what material you use for the bridge of your guitar. The material used for the bridge is frequently a synthetic for most guitars, but also can also be maple, or ebony, or else bone.
I recently decided to change my material and secured some bone material and secured it to the spider with an industrial-strength resin. If you don't already know, sanding or filing down a dense wood like ebony, or an even denser material like bond is time consuming.
What I will tell you is that the bone definitely kicked up the volume by a notch or two and also helped with the sustain.
Shaping of the bridge is important as well, since you can unintentionally mute the sound or create a harsh buzzing sound if you do it incorrectly.(More on this later)
If you're looking for a brighter sound aim for a denser material.